Holidays making you feel dizzy?

You don't have to go round and round... at least with lighting the tree. Lights look the same hung vertically as they do horizontally.  Start in the back of the tree with the plug (male) at the bottom.  hang the lights in a zig-zag pattern going up the tree.  When you reach the top, bring the string back down to the bottom.  Repeat this up and down stringing of lights until your tree is covered.  About six sets of lights covers a 7' tree.  Once the lights are on, tuck some in towards the trunk.  Putting your lights on this way will make it easier for removal as well.  If you really want to walk around and around something tall and festive... wait until May.  This is one more way to Pull It Together.

Go big or go Ho-Ho-Home

If decorating for the holidays stresses you out, just think big.  Display a few large accessories that "scream" the holidays and you're finished. Often we try to incorporate many little decorations acquired over the years and the processes is overwhelming and time consuming.    No need to get rid of all the little momentos, but there's also no need to put them out every year. This is one way to destress the holidays and Pull It Together.

You know what they say about large walls...

Big art!  Large blank walls are a blessing and a curse.   Don't be afraid to go big.  A large piece commands attention.  Having trouble finding something the right size?  Create a "curated wall."  This involves assembling a group of pieces that complement each other and hanging them all together.  This is one more way to Pull It Together.

Hidden Treasure?

It's hard to enjoy special objects if they are sitting in the bottom of a drawer or in a box up in the garage.  Liberate your treasures!  Find a way to display them.  Shadow boxes are great, but there are other creative ways to showcase items.  Use a terrarium, nail objects to wood, stitch objects to a fabric covered pin-board.  I'm sure you could spend hours exploring clever ideas on Pintrest.  Here are two projects of mine - one to display a client's crosses and hearts collect over the years, and the other is how I displayed my wedding memorabilia.  This is one more way to Pull It Together.

Art Not Speaking To You?


If you can't find fine art that gives you that special feeling (like head to toe latex), look for a print that reminds you of a great time or place.  In this case, I had vintage luggage tags of places a client lived printed on canvas.  They are a reminder of happy times and they are a great conversation piece - much like the work of Mapplethorpe.  With sites like and Shutterfly there are so many ways to make art personal.  This in one more way to Pull It Together.


Everything crooked can be fixed with museum putty - well, not everything.  Museum putty (aka quake hold) is known for being great at keeping collectable steady on shelves, but it is also a quick fix for crooked pictures on the wall.  Frames get knocked out of place, are sometimes unevenly balanced, or the nail/hook just isn't in the right spot.  Place a little ball of putty in the bottom two corners of the frame, and press it to the wall to secure.  Now you're straight as an arrow.  Next step... Invisalign.  This is one more way to Pull It Together.



No, not a typo... Planty-Liners!  Repurpose your panty-liners and clean your leaves.  Attach the liner to your (green) thumb and index finger, dampened it with water or leaf shine, and gently pull the leaf through the liner.  Clean the top and bottom in one fell swoop.  Just one more way to Pull It Together.


Too Much Make-Up?


Your make-up drawer is cluttered but you don't want to trash any of these costly products.  Here's a way you can get organized without using the "circular file."  Go though your beauty aids and put any duplicates in a box to store under the sink.  Two night creams?  One goes in the box. After sorting, use the items left in your drawers/medicine cabinet.  As you run out, go to the box to replenish.  This way you avoid having lots of half-used products cluttering up your space.  This is one more way to Pull It Together.

Putting Down Roots Is Overrated

Air Plants...  No roots, no dirt, no pot, no worries.  Spritz them with water once a week and you're good to go.  They are versatile, fun, and you can stick them almost anywhere.  If you can't drop everything and embrace your wanderlust, at least your plants can.  This is one more way you can Pull It Together.


Drawers.  Can't live with them, can't live without them.  When messy drawers start to become overwhelming, don't try to tackle them all at once.  Clean out a drawer each day.  Instead of walking each out-of-place item to it's correct drawer, put all the random objects in a bag (have a trash bag on hand too).  Once you have organized all your drawers, then go though the bag and find places for all that junk.  This is one more way you can Pull It Together.

Mirror, Mirror...


On the wall - better to look at something instead of nothing at all.  If you sit or stand facing a wall at your kitchen sink, desk, etc, place a mirror there.  Improve your view - make it of you - or at least the space behind you.  This is one more way you can Pull It Together.

Laundry Room Sink

Laundry Room Sink

Use a bath mat...


...Just not this one.  Want to cover an old bench but don't know a good upholsterer?  Maybe you don't want to spend a lot on custom upholstery?   Try covering the existing cushion with a long bathmat.  You can use hot glue or fabric glue to attach the mat.  Don't have an existing cushion?  Purchase a twin size memory foam mattress pad and and cut it to size.  This is a quick fix to a pain in the ass... no cushion that is.  This is one more way you can Pull It Together.



Have a love/hate relationship with that metallic touch?  Don't get rid of an accessory or piece of furniture just because you're not into gold anymore.  Update an item with silver (or gold) leaf.  You can buy it on Amazon or Michaels.  It's easy and fun to use.  Careful not to get carried away - it's a little additive.  This in one more way to Pull It Together.

This frame used to be gold.

This frame used to be gold.

Not So Pulled Together

There are times when even the best organization and well thought out design can't save you.  This entry won't help you accessorize or organize, but may just make you feel good... or possibly grossed out.  What happens when two of your favorite household "items" don't mix?  Do you get rid of one?  Beyonce, my puppy, had a well hidden accident in the living room and my Mother's Day gift, the Roomba, found it.  As clever as Roomba is, it doesn't know to stop when it hits a turd...  it just drags it through the entire house.  Both have been bathed and the floors have been cleaned so I guess they can stay - for now.  Just keep in mind, no matter how hard you try, you can't always be Pulled Together.

Less is NOT More

More is more.  Using a lot of something inexpensive can turn out looking expensive.  Note - I'm not talking about make-up.  Grouping multiple objects together, in this case "posing people," makes a statement.  Create you own art installation by hanging hats, plates, wood slices, etc.  To make a big impact, keep all objects similar if not identical.  That's one more way to Pull It Together.

There’s A Seat For Every Ass

2723 Harbor View 011.jpg

And these seats can become quite costly.  Don’t look like an ass spending a lot for custom cushions.  Many chairs have a square or round seat that can accommodate a standard 12 x 12 decorative pillow.  The key is to find a zippered pillow cover, remove the insert, and replace it with memory foam cut to fit the size of your seat.  Using pillows that have irregular edges work the best.  Try furry ones from Z Gallerie or West Elm.  The memory foam can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.  This is just one more way to Pull It Together.